Imagine If Your Pet Could Talk


If Your Pet Could Talk Whose Voice Would It Have?

I have three cats – Bingo, Disco and Aggie. They are all quite vocal as it as so I think I would be demented if they could actually speak like a human. If they could though – whose voice do I think they would have?

Bingo is almost 10 years old and is very set in her ways so I would expect her to sound something like Mrs Mangel from the Australian soap opera Neighbours…

Disco is the most affectionate, naughtiest and has the loudest purr ever. She would definitely have a high, squeaky voice like Cyndi Lauper

Aggie is a stray cat who turned up one night just before Christmas and despite trying very hard to find her owner – no one has claimed her so she’s  stayed with us. I imagine she would sound Irish like actress Brenda Fricker best known for her role in Home Alone 2…

What about you? What voice would your pets have? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcsteveface

If your pet could talk – whose voice would you want it to have and why? (self.AskReddit)

I also did an Ask Reddit which you can see here – these are a selection of the answers…

“Morgan Freeman- because it’s the only right answer”

“I have a very large black cat but he has a high pitched meow so I always thought Mike Tyson”

“John Cleese and Eric Idol. Those two cats would provide hours of entertainment”

“Always thought my schnauzer would sound like Ron Swanson”


6 thoughts on “Imagine If Your Pet Could Talk

  1. My two (when they were alive) were complete opposites: Hobson was the aristoCat, who thought he was above everyone whereas McRae was the big bruiser who I always gave the voice of a Cockney bouncer. Or Statham. Although, he had a high pitched meow and actually barked at the bin men! I think Hobson might have sounded like Stewie from Family Guy 🙂

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