Visiting Stockholm: Shopping


During our recent visit to Stockholm, while the intention of the trip was not to spend time shopping we did visit a few shops.

We were staying at the Scandic Klara hotel which itself is on a main shopping street but the only one we went into in that area was, of course, a Sweet Shop called Caramella.

After walking past it a few times while it had been closed and practically having our faces pressed against the window, while drooling I might add, we had to make a point of going in while it was open.

It’s a fairly smallish shop but it was absolutely packed with both customers and every type of sweet you could imagine. The best way to describe it would be an entire shop version of the “pick and mix”. Take a bag and, well, pretty much “fill yer boots”. The phrase “like a kid in a candy shop” had never been more apt. Think Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!

Some of the sweets I recognised – they were added to the bag.

Some of them I didn’t – they were added to the bag.

Some of them I didn’t actually think I would like – they were added to the bag!

There was also lots of pre-packaged sweets if you didn’t fancy the pick and mix option…or, in our case – as well as! Luckily, the hotel was only a few meters away since by the time we left the shop that bag was damn heavy!


The intention was to take these sweets home and savour them while back home in Scotland. Oh well, let’s just say – at least we had a pretty bag to take home!

If you are ever in that area of Stockholm I would absolutely recommend a visit to Caramella!

What about you? Have you ever been here or where else would you recommend to shop in Stockholm.

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