VISITING STOCKHOLM: Places To Stay – Scandic Klara


During our recent visit to Stockholm we spent three nights in the Scandic Klara hotel.

The location was ideal, very central with a short walk to all the best “things to do in Stockholm” and just a few minutes walk from the nearest metro station if you needed to venture further afield.

VISITING STOCKHOLM: Places To Stay - Scandic Klara
The hotel itself is situated on a main shopping route so is great for anyone going to shop but for anyone not interested in shopping who may be worried about the noise then don’t be – it’s minimal.

There’s also a square with an open air market just around the corner host sells all the usual markety-type stuff.

Check in was very smooth as we were given instructions on where breakfast was served and perhaps more importantly – the bar.

There’s six floors to the hotel but there are two lifts which are fairly speedy. Although the we were only on the second floor we took the lift which, with hindsight, I’m glad we did as the stairs are very spiral and carrying a suitcase up even one level could spell disaster for me.

Also, even coming down the two flights of spiral stairs actually made me feel a little dizzy and there was always the potential for me to fall down them all as the inner part of the spiral was very slim even for my little feet – be warned. Saying that, we always took the stairs on the way down as, well, I like living on the edge!

Please note – there are no slides attached to the spiral staircases in the hotel…yet

We were in room 230 (the way I remembered this room number was an old joke – what’s the most popular time to go to the dentist, 230…tooth hurty…never mind) and the hotel seems to go round in a square shape as no matter which way we went when coming out of the lift both seem to take the same time – forever. That wasn’t a problem though as the corridors were fresh and pleasant.

There wasn’t an expectation of the room to be massive, all we needed was somewhere to sleep so it was perfect for us. With plenty of storage space, a desk, flatscreen tv and a chair it suited our needs exactly.

The view looked over the shops on the street below and it was great for me since it was Eurovision weekend there were multiple flags waving between the buildings…


I loved the bathroom! It had a huge walk in shower with FACE toiletries built in. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out that FACE was a brand and not instructions for application. There was also no arguing with the shower settings which is always a bonus to me.

Plenty of towels and very clean – I couldn’t ask for anything more…well maybe it could have been a “smoking shower”…

The Bed

This is not a complaint by any means but, for me, it was simply too soft and also too low down. At one point while lying down my feet were higher up than my head – handy for serial fainters I guess  and I did feel like I was about to be sucked inside it at any moment but thankfully all I ended up with was a slightly sore back first thing in the morning rather than anything more “Nightmare On Elm Street” related…

The maid, Rosnetha, came every day and did a wonderful job.

That’s not really her name, of course. We have a standing joke that we nickname all the maids since many years ago we “christened” a Spanish maid Rosario after the character from Will & Grace. We have since had Rosalinski in Bulgaria, Rose-Marie in Glasgow and Rosalita in Gran Canaria…amongst others.

One comment I have about the maid however is the fact we “think” she took our Co-op loyalty card? I’m joking you must be thinking but no and I’m sure we were probably to blame and breaking some kind of rule by leaving it in the “power card slot” even when we were out. Fair enough if we were wrong, slap us on the wrist but please can I have my card back – how are my cats going to benefit from the 10% off Felix: Tastes So Good offers now I don’t have my loyalty card?

Missing: One Co-operative membership card – no reward for finding, no more reward points for owner

Despite having been given clear instructions upon arrival that breakfast was served on floor one we still got it wrong and went to the wrong place but were soon pointed to the correct area by a very helpful and friendly member of staff.

One thing that puzzled me was we were never asked to state our room number or prove that we were guests at the hotel before or after breakfast. We literally could have just walked in off the street and got a free meal. I’m sure they do have some sort of tracking system but if not, if you are in Stockholm and want a free breakfast…

Breakfast was buffet style and was open until 11am on weekends and 10am on weekdays. The bacon was crispy-tastic, the scrambled eggs were fluffy and the sausage was ok. I think it’s a British thing that I expect a big fat sizzling sausage but the Europeans prefer little hot dog type sausages at breakfast.

There was an endless supply of fruit juices, coffee and teas with the option to take away.

It’s in a courtyard area underneath a glass roof so it’s like your outside, but not really…

I also noticed that there was various pastries and cakes on offer but they were on the other side of the courtyard and I was feeling so lazy that I just helped myself to the chocolate chip cookies in the “gluten free” area instead which was pretty much within arms reach of my seat and also quite yummy. Good to know that they have that option on offer for anyone who needs free gluten!

One evening we went into the bar for a couple of drinks. At least I think it was the bar, they served alcohol anyway – I really should listen to instructions at checkin more closely! The waitress was very polite, friendly and had good chat. There was also older Eurovision songs playing on the speakers so I could quite happily have stayed there all night!

There are tables and chairs outside at the front of the hotel which I’m sure would be fantastic during the warmer weather. For the smokers, each table also has a proper ashtray and there is also a cig bin by the main entrance.

One thing to bear in mind is that you need your key card to use the lift and also access the stairs. If you find yourself going out for a smoke, forgetting the card and also your phone…honestly, who would do such a thing…the receptionists are very understanding and quickly give you a new key without making you feel like the numpty you actually are.

Check out is 12 pm but there is a secure left luggage area allowing you to go off and do some more sight seeing if you have a later flight.

All in all – a very pleasant experience and I would thoroughly recommend a stay here if you are travelling to central Stockholm.

Thanks team Skandic Klara!

What about you? Have you ever stayed here or where else would you recommend to stay in Stockholm.

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8 thoughts on “VISITING STOCKHOLM: Places To Stay – Scandic Klara

  1. I always judge a hotel or camping ground by the state and quality of the bathrooms – that is, is there a decent supply of hot water. I stayed in a camping ground in Poland. You had to get up before the sun to get the hot water which just dribbled out of the shower head. Even the bathrooms in the camping ground in Moscow were better. Even if the water quality wasn’t that good, at least there was enough hot water. (This was all in 1988). Now I stick to hotels and motels. Still the first thing I check out is the state of the bathrooms. Glad you had a good time.

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    1. Yeah, I always check out the shower. I also seem to have started a habit of opening every door, cupboard and drawer just to check what’s inside. The tv used to be important but these days I rarely switch it on in a hotel room.

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