#FridayFunny: Are You On The Vine? (Yes, That’s Vine…Not Wine)

I’ve recently been working in extending my social media presence. Pinterest is a work in progress and my most recent one is Vine – it’s awesome!

If you’ve never heard of it then it’s basically like Twitter for videos. Just as tweets are limited to a certain amount of characters, Vine Videos are limited to around 8 seconds which are looped. You can follow users, share vines and re-vine them. I am hooked!

I have two accounts – one for Steve Says and one for Talk About Pop Music and I’ve only made a few vines so far, let me know what you think…

Steve Says…






Talk About Pop Music…



If you are on Vine, let me know your profile so I can follow you. If you are not on Vine please think about joining or at least follow my profiles it would be much appreciated!


5 thoughts on “#FridayFunny: Are You On The Vine? (Yes, That’s Vine…Not Wine)

  1. the worst thing about vine is anyone who does lip syncs the song, their was a video i watched by leafyishere and he said that they became famous from just lip syncing songs, that is it

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