Stand By Me

Stand By Me - Original

Who Stands By You?

My favourite film is “Stand By Me“. Who always stands by me? Greg, my cats…and also my iPhone, iPad and iPad mini…I wanted to capture this in a photo.

I tried to use all the devices to show photos of Greg’s feet and the cat’s paws standing by me in my trainers.

This is the original…

Stand By Me - Original
Stand By Me – Original

Since Gordie Lachance is the main character in the movie I applied the Gordon filter…

Stand By Me - Gordon
Stand By Me – Gordon

Next, I added the text and I wanted it in a handwritten font…

Stand By Me - Text
Stand By Me – Text

I wanted to give it a border that somehow showed it in a TV format so I applied a soft border…

Who Stands By You?
Stand By Me – Soft Border

All edits were carried out using Pixlr Express.

What about you – how would you represent your favourite movie in a photo form? Try it and share your results with me.

Take a look at some of my other photos on Flickr.

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46 thoughts on “Stand By Me

  1. Love the photos! You are so creative. When I get a chance, I’ll check out your photos on Flickr. I love how a photo can tell a story and I love “Stand by Me,” too. So I connected with your photo. I think that’s what makes a great photographer, when people can emotionally connect with their photos. Great job!


  2. I liked the different looks of same picture. Recently I am liking black and white photos. Movie wise……the only one (don’t know what this says about me) I can think of off top of my head is Guardians of the Galaxy. I could shot me and a few friends doing Wonder Woman stances. In black and white of course – classy…….or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Y’know, I’ve never seen Stand By Me. But it feels like I have, and I should, ha. I love everything Rob Reiner has done.

    And I like the Gordon filter.

    Keep going, Steve.


  4. I love this idea, so creative! And the filter gives it a good dramatic feel. Trying to decide what mine would be… maybe if I pick the Lego Movie I have an excuse to build a lego version of my friends and family, that would be fun!



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