2016 Claims Another Celebrity Life But Who Is Really To Blame?


Music legend Prince died today and 2016 claims another celebrity life – it’s been a very sad year so far and I’m sure there will be more bad news to come. So, my question is – who is to blame? I’ve decided that there is one person responsible for all these deaths.

It’s Australian singer, Sia! She is the one to blame.

Why have I come to this, some might say, crazy conclusion? Let’s examine the evidence…

On the 7th January Sia releases a new song, “Reaper”,  from her upcoming album called “This Is Acting”….


Less than 3 days later David Bowie died and ever since then there has pretty much not been a week past without a celebrity death – Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, Ronnie Corbett, Paul Daniels, Victoria Wood to name but a few.

Therefore – I call out Sia to be acting as the modern day Grim Reaper in pop star form. The song itself may not be enough evidence alone but think of how the Grim Reaper of old would always cover his face with a cloak – Sia has put a modern twist on that idea by covering her face with bows, sometimes her dress, hats and her formidable wigs…

Sia may not have an actual scythe or weapon but why would she need one when she has crazy kick ass little dancers which are far more terrifying sometimes…


This is only a theory. Sia, if you read this please do not sue me as I love both you and your music!


7 thoughts on “2016 Claims Another Celebrity Life But Who Is Really To Blame?

  1. A bad year all round so far. I loved Prince when I was a teenager. His videos were amazing. He had just performed here in New Zealand too and his concerts were amazing. Now the music world will be paler without his colourful music and costumes

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