Saturday Morning TV Memories


Earlier in the year on here I shared some of my memories of my favourite CBBC/CITV Saturday Morning shows. These types of shows were shown on BBC1 and ITV for roughly a 30-year period from 1976-2006. Here’s a quick look back at some other Saturday Morning shows that were either before my time or after my time, or I did watch them but didn’t remember enough about them for a individual 500-word piece. There are 21 more shows to look at so this concluding piece will be in three parts. Off we go then…

The 8:15 From Manchester (CBBC, 1990-1991) You can probably guess when this was shown and where it came from. It was hosted by Ross King and Charlotte Hindle of Get Fresh fame and is most memorable to me at least for its theme which was performed by the Inspiral Carpets, and also the game show segment

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