New Type Of Learning: A Display Floor

While I was away from home delivering training to a large corporation – I have known various types of training methods in my career but this one left me speechless and also – literally hanging from the ceiling!

As usual, I turned up to the training room expecting a few teething problems but nothing prepared me for what happened. I was taken into the room by the training coordinator and what did I see in the room?


I’m used to having no power cables or mice but this room was void of all furniture – no desks, no chairs, no nothing!

Well, not quite nothing – the floor looked…interesting! It was very shiny and there was a kind of buzzing noise coming from it. I must have looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights as far as the training coordinator could tell.

“Yeah, we use A Display Floor blended learning program here”

I couldn’t even compute this information and still left my mouth gaping open, hoping she would continue.

She did continue – prepare yourself for this…

“Here at xxx we believe that learning rises into our heads. We need to make the blood in our head pump and then allow the learning to rise upwards into our brains…”

It wasn’t exactly like this but you get the idea…
Okay, that sounds logical I thought, even if a little airy, fairy, mumbo jumbo, clap trap, but, well – still what the actual f*** and erm how exactly?

What happened next I don’t think I will ever be as gobsmacked again even if I live forever. This lady pressed a big button on the wall and some serious James Bond s*** started going down!

The entire floor became a display screen.

Ladders came out of the roof.

The ceiling changed into what I can only describe as “hairy”.

The lady then proceeded to put on a suit over her clothes that, again, looked a little hairy and started clImbing up the ladders.

I’m dreaming, I thought, this is too random even for me!

When she was at the top she performed some crazy ass Kill Bill type move and then suddenly she was stuck to the roof!

Ahh, Velcro, I thought, that explains the hairiness – as if it that made it okay. No, no, Velcro aside – still omg wtf!

Again, it wasnt quite like this but you get the idea…
See?” she said as her face started turning red. “Blood pumping in my brain” she then made the floor into A Display Floor and showed Windows 7 and told me to get hooked up!

Four other people then entered the room, said “Hi” and went up to the ceiling to get ready to learn.

I shook my head in utter disbelief but I am game for anything so I put on my Velcro suit, grabbed my wireless mouse and joined everyone else on the ceiling and continued to deliver one of the best training sessions EVER.

When I return to my office later in the week I am insisting we also set this up and use “A Display Floor” blended learning approach to training!

To read more about this particular style of learning take a look here.

13 thoughts on “New Type Of Learning: A Display Floor

      1. When I was regional trainer for the cinema, I regularly had to do sessions involving silly putty, frisbees, a slinky, sand and chocolate, so I reckon this is only a slight step up!

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