Share Your Blog Space! Where Do You Write Your Blog Posts?


Where is your favourite place to write?

In my post “The Picture Behind The Story Behind The Picture Behind The Story” I discussed about where I write my blog posts from. Recently, one of those locations, my office, or as I like to call it – my Blogfice – has been upgraded. It’s still a Blogfice but also a kind of Steve Cave at the same time…

First of all, this is my desk complete with dual monitors, iPad, Bang & Olufsen headphones and a nice outlook of a Doctor Who canvas…


My keyboard sits on a really cool retro cassette. There is also a cool record shaped coaster which when I am doing my Radio Request Show usually has a large glass of wine sitting on it!


The chair is very comfortable and was a bargain from Gumtree. My cat, Disco, also enjoys the chair.

Directly behind my desk I have my BeoSound 1 which has the most awesome sound and I love it!


Above the BeoSound 1 I like to keep a “trinket shelf” of stuff…


So, what trinkets do I have? Well, there’s a money bank robot, a money bank 80s cassette, a lucky cat, a tardis wine cooler, a mini happy Buddha and my Eurovision Award


…and possibly some dust but let’s not talk about that!

The window ledge doesn’t get away with not having “trinkets” so on there I have an actual Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver and a couple of photos of Greg & me…


Now there’s the sofa bed…warning, if you suffer from epilepsy look away now…


Isn’t it the best? Also, you can see the white laminate flooring that has been recently put down too as well as a new cool floor lamp…


Ignore the attention seeking cat!

Above the sofa bed is a photo shelf which currently holds my latest Retro Pop Box, a print by Matthew Inman and a home-made framed “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia CD which she still has to sign – hurry up and reply to my tweet Nats!


You might be mistaken for thinking that the wall to the left of my desk is very white and needs something…


Well, my solution for that is when you add this to the picture shelf…


…and use it with a Chromecast I can sit back on the sofa bed and I can pretend I’m at a Kylie concert or a Marina & The Diamonds concert. I could watch my favourite 80s movie. I could even just have a big old Spotify wall – all of which you can witness in the video below…

I could literally spend the rest of my life in the Steve Cave!

What about you? Where do you blog from? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @stevesays2014. You could even write a post with pictures of your blog space – I’d love to see that and share your blog space!


37 thoughts on “Share Your Blog Space! Where Do You Write Your Blog Posts?

  1. I am a bit late to the party but this is such a cool idea. I am going to add this to my list of things to share on my blog. Help my readers get to know me a little better. Thank you 🙂


  2. I blog from the bottom of a lonely wastebasket – said the famous Bobbins Calendar… 😉 Have you burned it?! As long as you’ve not shredded it for cat litter, I don’t mind, haha!
    I actually blog from my purple, corner sofa, laptop on knee. Which probably does nothing for my back, but I’m usually too lazy to move!

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  3. I love your space! Very vibrant. I like to keep my space clean with a plant on my desk to promote good energy flow. I think for writers this is very important because if you keep a cluttered space I feel as if it shows in your writing. Maybe it’s just me.

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      1. No. I don’t know if anyone enjoys working in a cubicle. But I have ear buds so I can listen to music all day. And I have a few free minutes here and there to blog. So it’s not so bad.

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  4. I blog wherever I have tone and a place to sit… on my mobile, on the go, on The pc in our study, on my Surface in bed, on the IPad. ..
    Pretty much anywhere can be my blogfice!!!

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