Aliens Have Landed In Alford, Aberdeenshire And It’s Fine…But Could Be Better!

Not so long ago, in a village not so far away there was a field that had cows, sheep, grass and trees and buying a house opposite this seemed like a great idea… 

Even the lovely salesperson agreed that the view was fantastic but unbeknown to us she was secretly “one of them” and even although she knew of the oncoming invasion she keep her lips tightly sealed.

The invasion began… 

Now finally settled, the invaders still send signals back their home planet – presumably the moon as the light shining from their hub is possibly even brighter than the moon itself which, when you are trying to watch Netflix and chill, isn’t as much fun when you’re being partially blinded!

The moon…
The Hub…
Which is brighter? You decide! if you are reading this on catchup, your thoughts might not count as mine doesn’t seem to have been…


Even when all is calm in the hub during the night there is still an open communications channel as there is always a constant humming noise being emitted which, when us humans are trying to sleep, can be a tad irritating!

Finally, the hub lets their critters out to play with a little ball in the evening, which is fine, but sometimes they play with it until after 10pm and I’m not sure this is entirely legal – especially with the screaming, shouting and swearing which accompanies it. I really hope it doesn’t come down to this…

Don’t get me wrong, the hub is a much needed benefit to the community but these extra issues have to be “taken to the leader” as so far my complaints have simply resulted in a UFO (Unidentified Fixes Observed).

Live long and prosper (but quietly and less blinding, please!)

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