The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Photos – 2016 Edition

Easter is upon as and since we’ve already reminded ourselves of the awkward Easter photos from 2014 & 2015, it’s finally time to take a look at the The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Photos – 2016 Edition. Are you brave enough to read on?

10 – “Cocked Up” – fair enough if you have ugly kids, just don’t take their photos. Don’t take a photo of them with pink egg shells on their heads as they will just end up looking like penises in a dress!


9 – “Easter Bonnet” – when you’ve made your own hat which you are so proud of but someone has just told you it’s a bit shit


8 – “Christ On A…Raptor” – when you are told that you are not allowed to dress up as Jesus for Easter and decide to dress up as Jesusrassic Christ instead – that’s allowed, right?


7 – “What’s The Point?” – it’s true that some Easter bunnies scare kids but it’s also true that Easter bunnies pointing a penis shaped carrot at kids is frowned upon

…or unfortunate shaped balloons…



6 – “In Disguise” – the oldest photo in the list, when Jesus rose again it’s a little known fact that he had to disguise himself so as not to get crucified again!


5 – “Eighties Easter” – be ashamed of yourselves, you are living in the 80s, the best decade ever – rock that big hair and love those shoulder pads and SMILE!


4 – “Bungled It!” – getting a children’s favourite character from Rainbow rather than an Easter bunny was a good idea until Bungle turned up and looked like he’d been firebombed by Zippy


3 – “Awkward” – it’s really hard to see but the guy in the background is doing something really embarrassing…honest!


2 – “Easter Parade” – when you are told that, if nothing else, you absolutely must wear a hat to the Easter parade and take it literally


1 – “Easter Sunday” – grandad’s funeral was on Easter Sunday, grandad had an open casket, grandad loved Easter – rest in p-Easter gramps!


What’s your favourite? Do you have any awkward Easter photos you would like to share with me? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @stevesays2014


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      1. I did thanks and out tonight for proper ‘don’t have to get up for school’ celebrations! (We’ll probably be in bed by 10pm, you watch!) Did you have a good one?

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