I Guarantee That You Will Have Bought A Chromecast Once You’ve Finished Reading This…

If you haven’t got a Chromecast then let me tell you that you need one (or three) as soon as possible…

It’s turned out to be one of the most brilliant devices I have used in recent years!

I’ve previously tried many different methods of watching Netflix or YouTube on my main TV – which is not a SmartTV or this would have been so much easier. After trying browser plugins, XBMC plugins etc nothing really worked the way I was satisfied with and it was still so much easier to stream the videos and simply watch on my iPad.

I suppose I could have went out and spent a fair bit of money on a brand new smartTV but (a) I didn’t have that kind of disposable cash and (b) the current TV is only a year old.

Without further ado, lady geeks and gentleman geeks, I present to you – Chromecast

It is so brilliant and so easy!

It’s a small device or dongle, call it what you will, which plugs into the HDMI port on an existing TV, charges via USB and connects to a wireless network. Bring up Netflix or Youtube, as examples, on a smart phone or tablet and an extra icon will appear (similar to the Airplay icon) allowing continued watching of the video as it casts it onto the HDMI source on the TV. 


What is even better is the fact that it’s not streaming from the smart phone or tablet anymore – it sends a signal to the Chromecast which then starts the cast, allowing continued use of the smart phone or tablet without interrupting the video playback. Therefore, doubling up as a remote control!

Services such as iPlayer, 40D and ITV Player are all starting to become available to use it and I’m sure that soon every media outlet will provide the option to “cast” sooner rather than later.

Finally, imagine turning any of your existing hi-fi setups into wireless speakers? Well, now you can as the Chromecast has a new audio version too!

What is the cost of this amazing device? It’s a steal at under £30!

Happy casting! Any questions please ask me in the comments below.

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