Here’s A Tip: Windows 10 – The New “Paul Daniels Magic Desktop” Feature

Enjoy the big magic circle in the sky Paul Daniels!

Steve McSteveface

Following the very sad news that the great comedy magician, Paul Daniels , another one of  my childhood celebrities has passed away – I have decided to dedicate a special “life hack” or productivity hint & tip to him! Here’s the tip…

Do you keep an untidy desktop on your PC? Are there lots of files saved there? We all do it – it’s really convenient. However – how many times have you had to do a last-minute presentation and you don’t want anyone to see the files saved on your desktop. Do you then manically delete things, create a folder called “desktop” and move everything into that? Now, how many folders called “desktop” inside folders called “desktop” do you have?

Of course, the solution to this is really to have good housekeeping and keep your desktop tidy at all times but let’s just say you need a quick, clean…

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