The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Photos 2014 Edition

Awkward Easter Photos

Another holiday approaches so what a great opportunity to bring out the awkwardness and share some Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Easter.

Here are the awkward Easter photos from 2014!

Awkward Easter Photos
10 – “Hare-y Backs” Doctor, can you check out this growth on my back please…I think the only saving grace about this photo is that they are not both stark naked as I don’t think I could cope with seeing anymore of their furry little packages.
Awkward Easter Photos
9 – “PokemoM – Gotta Catch ‘Em All” – Easter egg hunt (say it fast)…I think that the reason this little boy is crying is because he’s figured out where the last Easter Egg is hidden…
Awkward Easter Photos
8 – “Run, Rabbit Run…No Really, RUN!” – Wrong, wron, wrong –  Is that a large top hat he has climbed out of or the opening to the tunnel to the prison he has just escaped from? There are just so many things wrong with this photo that I don’t know where to start so I won’t. Next…
Awkward Easter Photos
7 – “Cute I Ain’t” – Road Kill – What the hell has happened to this Easter Bunny? It looks like it has got myxomatosis, been hit by a few cars and scraped up from the side of the road. I’m crying too…
Awkward Easter Photos
6 –  “Creature Comforts” – Nobody Wuvs Me – If your pet is the only friend or family you have in this world, that’s fine, but don’t advertise the fact!
Awkward Easter Photos
5 – “Hugh Hef-never Seen Anything Like This” – PlayBOY bunny – There is one that really makes me sick when I look at this photo…his bobtail is in the wrong place!
Awkward Easter Photos
4 – “Hot Cross Buns” – Bunny Boiler – Unless that is a massive hot cross bun that she’s baking in her oven I don’t want to know…
Awkward Easter Photos
3 – “Eggs, Over Easy Please” – Peanut butter, Easter egg time – say what now…? This is not the most difficult Easter Egg hunt ever…yet, I think they still might struggle.
Awkward Easter Photos
2 – “Crack Open The…Eggs” – Basket Case – I sense that this child’s parents are still sleeping off a hangover…
Awkward Easter Photos
1 – “A Not So Springy Chicken” This is my favourite. It’s not just a photo – there are so, so many questions. What is the purple liquid she is drinking? How will she get the cigarette out of her mouth? Who are all the Twix bars for? Are the bunnies real? I guess we will never know. Oh yeah, and why the f*** is she holding a monkey in a baby grow sucking a dummy with a ribbon in its hair??

What’s your favourite? Would you like to share your own awkward photo?

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The World's Top 10 Awkward Easter Photos - 2014 Edition

21 thoughts on “The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Photos 2014 Edition

  1. HAHAHA! Oh, another set of photos that had me roaring my head off! That spring chicken, the scary bunny (Jesus, that is one bunny that does need to be boiled), the egg tree with the surly kids….they were all brilliant! 🙂

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