I Used To Like Likes But Now I Think I’m Starting To Dislike Likes, Like…


What makes you moan?

Here are a few of my moans…

Moan One

How can a word make you feel the exact opposite way of the meaning of that word? What do I mean by that? I am seriously starting to dislike the word “like”…

Firstly, Facebook have just rolled out an update to their “like” feature which allows you to not just “like” a post but you can also “love it” amongst a whole heap of other options. Thanks Facebook – you already kidnap a lot of my free time already but now I have to spend a few extra seconds deciding on the best option to use to say how I feel about a funny video of a cat!  Heaven forbid I pick the wrong one and upset the person doing the post! So, basically Facebook you can…

How long before there is a “Facebook Suicide” due to someone’s post getting too many sad faces when the writer thought it should have received all happy faces? You have been warned!

Moan Two

Secondly, I don’t know a lot of big words but I think I have a reasonably varied vocabulary…

I was very recently on a bus when a group of young girls from a very posh school got on board. Now, bearing in mind their parents are paying a fortune for their school fees it would be fair for one to assume they would be able to converse intelligently.


If I could count even half as well as they couldn’t speak (make sense?) then the number of times they used the word “like” would be in the hundreds.

“…and I was like…and she was like…and I was like…and like…”

Honestly, it went on and on with either every sentence ending in “like” or in most cases it was added once or twice during the sentence.

What’s the problem here? Are they short on words? Is “like” the new cool word on the block? Is it down to the “social media generation”?

I hold my hands up and say I’m guilty of slightly overusing the “like” word too but these girls overused it and then practically gave it it’s own seat on the bus!

It was, like, simply unbelievable, like!

I’m sure I also overuse other words too. I’ve noticed I’ve been saying “effectively” quite a lot recently but at least that makes me sound clever, right?

Moan Three

Finally, and also my most recent annoyance of the word, is the use of the “like” feature on WordPress. Don’t like out posts if you haven’t even read them! When a post has just been published and a “like” comes through 2 seconds later, well, unless you are a either a speed reader or a liar! I still, of course, like getting likes but a one word comment means more or even no likes but an extra view meaning at least you’ve read my post!

I know that it is possible to disable the like option and I am considering it, alternatively I might write to WordPress and ask them to replace my like button with this…

Let’s do a little social experiment here – if you have successfully reached the button of this post I ask you not to “like” it. Leave a comment by all means to show you are not a “like liar” but let’s see how many undeserved likes this post actually gets!

What about you? Are there any words that annoy you or do you think you overuse a particular word? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

31 thoughts on “I Used To Like Likes But Now I Think I’m Starting To Dislike Likes, Like…

  1. Sorry, but I just had to press the like button for this post because you’ve said it so well, especially the bit about people who press the like button within a few seconds of somebody publishing a 1,000-word post! Grrrr! that makes my blood boil as much as people who follow you and never ever come back.

    I’ve been using ‘awesome’ a lot recently. Why? I have no idea, but please slap me across the face with a wet cod if you hear me saying it. That should work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like this post. 👍🏻 And I’m annoyed when the word ‘really’ is used too much, as if (notice I didn’t say like) they have to convince us something is true because they lie all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I said similar about the new Facebook options – people will start agonising over why one person loved it and another only liked it. Ridiculous. I do over use like, but try to be conscious of it. And obviously – totally blew an interview once I reckon because of this! Oh, and so… So, like, obviously I got to the end to leave a comment 😉
    You should have a conversation with my granddad. He actually emailed ITV news about the over use of some words and how unintelligent it made the presenters seem! He’s old, he’s allowed to be cranky 🙂


  4. LOL. I couldn’t resist the like button. In fact I like-like-liked this post so much I was like, I wish there was another like button…so I could double like. Like, **you know**, so you’d know just how much like this post on like deserves. 😉

    **Don’t get me started on ‘You know’** Another phrase that’s overused. I’m guessing ‘You know’ is the alternative fill in for those who don’t like ‘like’ .

    Am I like, you know, making any sense at all like? o_O

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  5. Cool social experiment haha
    I think that “like” has become synonymous with the word “acknowledged” online. You can like a fb post about some tragic event, but that doesn’t mean you like what has happened- you acknowledged that it has happened (and been shared by your friend or whatever) How can you like something but still be angry or sad about it?

    We should totally just nuke the word “like” from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure it wont be misused countless times by gossiping kids on the bus home 🙂


  6. Wanted to press that button with the little blue star, but like, I was too scared 😉

    As for words that are overused (although not by me)-it’s got to be ‘awesome’. Finding a cure for cancer would be awesome, the pictures taken by the Hubble space telescope are awesome, but someone’s night out or their latest birthday present? They may be really good or memorable for them, but believe me, they’re not ‘awesome’.



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