Saturday Morning Memories – Ghost Train

Do you remember how awesome Saturday morning TV used to be?


Ghost Train (CITV, 1989-1991)

Here’s my second review of classic Saturday Morning TV. This review will be mostly based on the third and final series of Ghost Train that I remember the most and will be accompanied by some pictures of the last-ever episode where they had a This Is Your Life-style retrospective looking back at some classic moments on the show.

This was a rather odd one. Each week the Ghost Train (as it was) would land in a different place and the show would be hosted from there. However there was something of a plot to the show which added some excitement. First I’ll have a look at the presenters on the show, and then explain the features they did.

Frances was supposedly the owner of the Ghost Train and inherited it. Every week it would be used to host the show from and lots of guests would…

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