Here’s A Tip: Now It’s Not Only “Smarties That Have The Answer” Thanks To Office 2016!

How Smart Are You?

Have you ever had a document that is full of words and phrases that you really don’t understand? This happens to me all the time!

I used to have to copy and paste the text I didn’t understand into Google and try and learn about it that way. Thankfully, those days are gone and with the release of Office 2016 I have just become smarter than I’d ever hoped.

This is all thanks to the Smart Lookup feature…

Firstly, here’s the long way of using Smart Lookup before I share my way of doing things – which are usually quicker and always smarter.

You can highlight the text and either use the Smart Lookup option on the Review Tab of The Ribbon or alternatively you can access it from the right-click menu.

I had no idea what “angiography” was before I used Smart Lookup!

Now I know what it is, how to pronounce it and see any related images or articles – genius!

You might think that’s smart but let’s make it smarter…

Put your cursor anywhere within the word and use the brilliant KeyTips shortcut of pressing, in this sequence, ALT R R

Alternatively, add it to the Quick Access Toolbar and make sure it is in position one and then, still with your cursor in the word, use the KeyTips shortcut of pressing, in sequence, ALT 1

I guarantee you will be smarter within minutes!

I love hints & tips – what’s your favourite? Share it with me, leave it in a comment below or tweet me @stevesays2014


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