Untitled Short Story: Part One

What did you think of my first attempt at a short story – should I carry on?

Steve McSteveface

Christmas was over.

All that build up, all the hype and now nothing! Even the Christmas decorations seemed to droop as if they already knew that the next few days were going to be dull, dull and duller while everyone waited for the New Year’s celebrations to start.

Well, at least I won’t be taken down, put in a box and stored in the garage for another year, Bruno thought as he looked at the sad Christmas tree with all theonce twinklinglights now just dark like his mood. As he was considering whether being locked in a box and resting for a whole year mightperhaps be a better prospect than returning to work in the New Year something caught his eye at the baseof the Christmas tree.

That wasn’t there before, he thought. It didn’t look like one of the cat’s toy or even a cat’s interpretation of a toy…

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3 thoughts on “Untitled Short Story: Part One


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