In 2015 We Got High On New Year’s Day – In 2016 We…


Celebrating New Year

Every New Year I hope everyone’s  year is full of good health, lots of wealth and a plethora of happiness.

In 2015 to bring in the New Year we got high – as in we climbed a mountain. In 2016 we couldn’t get much higher, so we went lower…

To see the first sunrise of 2016 we got up early (there was a coffee in the bag spillage incident but that’s another story) and went down to sea level at Aberdeen beach…

I must have taken over 300 photos and after spending the rest of the morning looking through them all I thought these were the best. Sadly, there was some cloud cover so I never really got the sunrise that I wanted.

To prove how low I actually got here’s me a split second before I had wet feet…


After the beach we decided to go along to Torry Battery which you can actually see from some of the above photos and I have taken some of my favourite photos there. I actually managed to get Greg to re-create this picture from a few years ago which I love…


Finally a further two from the Battery – one of course, with the Scottish flag!

It may all look very pretty but trust me – as Greg kept telling me, it was FREEZING so in honour of Greg’s favourite sayings of the morning here’s a tribute to him…

What do you think? Is this an awesome way to see in a New Year? What’s been some ways you celebrate?



24 thoughts on “In 2015 We Got High On New Year’s Day – In 2016 We…

  1. We’re a bit too lazy for capturing the sunrise and besides we’d had such a wild night playing Monopoly… 😉 Long walk today and it has turned a bit fresh. Ears were nithered! Gorgeous pics though, I really should make it a resolution to get up earlier! Happy new year 🙂

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