Here’s A Tip: How To Eat Chips Like A BOSS


I Love Chips!

Do you want to see crazy solutions to lots of life’s little irritations?

Like me, do you love a pack of chips and a bottle of wine on the weekend but find eating out of the bag frustrating?

Here’s a tip…

I’ve previously mentioned the wonderful CrazyRussianHacker’s Life Hacks and how awesome I think his YouTube channel is so here’s another one of his videos.

How to eat chips…like a BOSS!

Do you have any hints and tips you would like to share?


5 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip: How To Eat Chips Like A BOSS

  1. heres a fact, crisps (or chips if you live in America) were made by mistake, some guy was teasing a cooker and then asked for some chips (fries), but the chef tries to get revenge on him and boils tiny slices of potato’s, but surprisingly, the customer wanted more, and that’s how chips (or cisps) were made

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