The World’s Top 10 Awkward Halloween Photos 2014

Awkward Halloween Photos

Halloween is coming up so before I produce the 2016 list here’s a reminder of the photos from 2014…

10 –  “Heeeeeere’s Granny” – Apparently this family think that even although Grandma died two years ago that it’s okay to dig her up, dress her like the worst clown ever and then get her to pose for a picture..
9 – “Mummy, Daddy, this is scary” – I could be wrong with this one and that is actually the kids mother and she is unfortunately very ugly and very hairy. If, in fact it is the husband dressing up like a lady for Halloween then he should be ashamed of himself! What a poor effort. If I ever did decide to dress up like a lady I would make sure I looked like the most sluttish slut possible.
8 – Have “Fun” Kids – what a great Dad this guy is don’t you think? He gets his kids all excited about dressing up for Halloween, takes them Trick or Treating and then tells them “don’t have fun or you will die”. Enjoy your childhood kids…

Lycra Can Be Friend Or Foe! Most people enjoy dressing up as their favourite superhero for Halloween but most people, it seems, don’t understand Lycra. Lycra shows everything – whether you have it or not everything is on show! My advice is if you don’t have it, don’t do it…

7.1 – All the small things…

If you do have it, do it…

7.2 – You could have someone’s eye out with that…

6 – Make An Effort – Denim, denim, denim…Painting your face is not a costume. Although in this case it still does scare the s*** out of me. They do like their denim!
5 – Stay Safe Kids – I wonder if his name is Johnny?
4 – There are no words except maybe WTF? – There is always one person who ruins it for everyone else. Seriously, what were these parents thinking? Their kids are going to be tortured for life now. Great parenting!

Don’t Forget Your Pet – We all love our pets so why should they be forgotten at Halloween. I already have my costumes for my cats for this year and they will look ace. However, don’t fall victim to trying to dress like your pet or dressing your pet in your mothers stockings…

3.1 – Which is the bitch?
3.2 A pair of…cat burglars
2 – The Living Dead – I think he’s got a boner…I don’t think these two really had to dress up much to look like the living dead but good on them for the effort. Also, it looks like Grandpa will be getting more treats than tricks when they get back home!
1- The Mask – Why so shy..? I am slightly concerned about this photo as there is only one kid wearing a mask. So, it’s either a Halloween family photo and only one member remembered their costume or it’s just an annual family photo and that is one mother f***ing ugly child…

Halloween Costumes All Year at Halloween Express

Do you have a favourite awkward halloween photo?

Do you have any Halloween fails you are brave enough to share? I’d love to hear about them so share them with me in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveface.


Come back soon for my 2016 Halloween Top Ten and in the meantime take a look at my other Awkward Photos Top Tens.

Halloween 2016

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