“Steve Says” Is No Longer…

…a baby – it’s now reached the “terrible twos” stage so be afraid! 

In fact no, don’t be afraid – be freaking terrified as things can only get more random here, right?


So, it’s the second anniversary of my blog “Steve Says…” as it was two years ago that I published my first post. Why did I start a blog? I still feel that’s the wrong question to ask and it should be why did I not start a blog much sooner?

When I was young I loved to write stories and I was sure I would be a famous author when I grew up. One of my favorite teachers at primary school, Mrs Dickson, really encouraged me and would even spend the last part of the school day reading out my stories to the entire class. She was brilliant and my school report from her is the only one I still have from primary school…

School Report

As I got older I realised that most successful authors started out as journalists and this excited me. I wanted to be a journalist now! How could I make this happen? Basically, at my school there were two ways that you could get help with career choices.

Firstly, there was a crazy-ass computer type thing called JIIG-CAL which would ask you a series of questions based on your interests and it would “spit out” your ideal career path. Well, according to the “career Bertha” I should have been a “museum attendant” or a “window dresser”. Wow – what a great investment the Scottish Education System made in that one! Needless to say, I neither show people around museums or dress windows these days (although there is a certain mannequin I am rather fond of).

Secondly, there was the guidance teachers who were much more simplistic in their approach and this is how the conversation went for me…

Guidance Teacher: What do you want to do when you leave school?

Me: I want to be a journalist.

Guidance Teacher: That’s so difficult to get into, look at your grades – you are good at Electronics, why don’t you study that?

Me: Okay!

They knew best, right? So off I went to study Electronic & Electrical Engineering at University. Surprise, surprise I didn’t like it. I enjoyed the student life but the course – not so much. All I was doing was learning the s*** to pass the exams and had no idea how it was applied in the real world. Halfway through the course I considered changing but eventually realised it would make more sense to carry on and attain the degree which I did…

This at least that would be another qualification on paper – just don’t ask me to explain the principles of an armature winding in a DC motor!

To cut a long story short I then went on to have various jobs and finally settled in one that I really enjoy. I did, somehow, manage to pick up this qualification along the way…

They got my name wrong - they were probably p***ed...
Then, two years ago, I discovered blogging. I loved it and still do. It allows me to be an author, a journalist, a film-maker, a song writer and a photographer all in my own little site.

Two years on, I have met so many interesting and brilliant people, have gained a few followers and developed my “style” which people seem to tell me that they like.

Also, during my second year of blogging I decided to put a music blog out there to stand on it’s own and I enjoy writing for that one so much and it makes me so happy that companies are now asking me to review their artists latest music. If you’ve not head of it stop by if you get a chance…

I’ve got so many more ideas for blog projects and hope I can find the time to run with them too!

Thanks to everyone who reads, likes and comments on my posts – you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Here’s to the next 12 months and happy blogging!



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