Netflix Jukebox: The Office…

I’ve become addicted to the U.S. version of The Office

I know it’s been around for years but I only just realised how great it was after watching the first episode properly.

The reason I have never opted to watch it up until now is down to the fact I associated it with the British version of the show and I’m not a huge Ricky Gervais fan. That always put me off. 

The U.S. version is waaaay better!

They really deviated from the British version after a few episodes and I suppose they had to as they were lazy and only made a few episodes. There are 201 episodes in the U.S. Version!

The characters are given much more time to evolve and I like every one of them for different reasons. The boss – Michael Scott – played by Steve Carell is such an idiot but you grow to love him too. Well, love him whilst face palming yourself at his antics.

I’m only on as far as season three and it’s exciting to know that there are another six for me to watch. If you’ve never watched it before I would highly recommend it – just get ready to cringe!

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14 thoughts on “Netflix Jukebox: The Office…

  1. Scranton is my hometown, proud to say 😀 So I especially appreciate the local scenes. Trivia: when they are at a seafood restaurant, Coopers, that’s actually Scranton. When they are at “Lake Scranton” that isn’t actually Scranton, lol. I think the show is terrific. Welcome back, Steve.

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      1. I need to clarify, I grew up there. Lived there until I was 17 and went away to college. My parents and some of my family still live there 😀 I miss them and the pizza ❤

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  2. Let me know what you think as you get into the later seasons…(no spoilers…just wondering if it’s just me and my take on the episodes 😀 )

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