#FridayFoto: Wine, Sun & Sea…

Looking at this photo it symbolises and reminds me of the perfect holiday…


Hopefully in a few weeks I will be back in that exact same spot!

This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post with the theme Symbol.

This week, share a symbol with us. In my image, the engagement ring symbolizes an intended commitment of two people to one another. Your subject does not have to be as literal of an interpretation; you can choose something that is uniquely symbolic and relevant to you, and share the story behind itJen, Daily Post.


Picture In Picture - Edit
A weekly photo challenge hosted by The Daily Prompt

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16 thoughts on “#FridayFoto: Wine, Sun & Sea…

      1. yeppurz i can’t fly my trike if i drink so it keeps me sober πŸ™‚ an ridin the bike id twist the throttle too much so i have to keep a sane mind πŸ™‚ now .thanQ πŸ™‚

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