Here’s A Tip: Get Your Head Out The Hay Stack And Find That Email…


I have discovered that most people are not using the search function within Outlook to its full power.


They will simply type in some keyword in the search box and then try to manipulate the field headers in the results to find what they want. Click, click, and click – it’s here somewhere, honest…

I recently demonstrated how to do it properly to a group of people.

Use the Search Tools Tab - it's what it's there for...
Use the Search Tools Tab – it’s what it’s there for…


By showing how to build up the refine options from the Search Tools contextual tab i.e. using the from, subject and attachments options and how this would reduce the amount of results from 600 to 2 was an eye-opener to everyone.

Pointing out how useful this would be when your boss is standing over your shoulder seemed to clarify the effectiveness.

Although this way of searching was ultimately quicker than how they currently searched you can imagine the reaction when showing that Outlook stores recent search results and you can re-run the same search at later dates without even re-adding the criteria.

So, use the Search Tools Tab and never lose an email again!

Do you have any hints and tips you would like to share?

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8 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip: Get Your Head Out The Hay Stack And Find That Email…

      1. I’m far from an expert, they changed us from 2007 to 2010 and it was quite a big change. I can’t find things I used to have etc. Going to do a couple of online courses soon when I get a chance that will hopefully shed some light on some of my problems 🙂

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  1. I pre-set my category column to one specifically for boss emails, so I can check and go if I need to follow up (without using the whole message-flag thing).

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  2. Though I don’t have any additional tips I highly recommend using that search function. The “Can you resend me that real quick” boss line does get really annoying and it’s so much easier if at least you yourself can find your emails quickly

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