The Chronicles Of Kay Burley: The Smiler, The Witch & The Unprofessional

There’s no denying that what happened on The Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers was a shocking accident and I can’t begin to understand how all those involved are feeling. However, that’s exactly what it was – an accident…

Accidents happen, that’s a sad fact of life. No matter how much we try to prevent them and prepare for them, no one can predict every possible scenario. In this type of situation the finger of blame is always pointed at someone, again it’s human nature to look for an outlet to vent their anger and unless the accident was caused by an “act of God” then someone is ultimately guilty.

Merlin Entertainments, the company who operate Alton Towers have of course admitted full responsibility and put in place everything possible to not only prevent this happening ever again but also to help the people involved deal with what’s happened. I respect them for this and having been to Alton Towers before and had an amazing time I am trusting of them enough to return one day.

I hope everything gets better for everyone involved.

What has bothered me about this sad situation is the way a certain “journalist” dealt with it –  Kay Burley from Sky News. I had never heard of this woman before but now that I have I hope to never hear or see her ever again.

She “interviewed” the Chief Executive, Nick Varney, from the Merlin Entertainments. The man was quite clearly devastated at what had happened and attempted to reassure everyone that his company was doing everything possible to deal with it compassionately and correctly. Kay wouldn’t let this lie. She implied something over and over and over and over again until it was boring and embarrassing and she pretty much made a mockery of journalists everywhere!

When Nick said they were adding even more safety procedures on top of their existing ones she implied that this must mean that his company didn’t think they were safe enough before. Over and over and over and over to somehow trap him into agreeing. That’s not interviewing, Kay, that’s actually bullying and you should be ashamed!

Take a look at the video…

I trust Nick. We all think everything we are doing is the best at the time and only realise it isn’t when it is proved otherwise due to various reasons. I’ll use two examples to attempt to back up my argument for this – one light hearted and one a little more controversial.

Firstly, washing up liquid. We are constantly told by manufacturers that the new version of their product is the “best ever”…until the next one comes along and that’s now the “best ever”. Hang on, didn’t they say the last one was the best ever and the one before that – were they lying? Kay would say so. No – they simply made new advances in technology and people started eating dirtier food or something like that. My first challenge to Kay is to go to Alan Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble and call him a liar.

Secondly, there is a very nice lady called Anne Diamond who is a TV presenter and proper journalist in the UK. Anne had some very sad and very public events take place in her life in 1991. Her new born baby, Sebastian, died as a result of SIDS or “cot death”. She was simply looking after her new child as every other loving mother has done forever but her baby still died. Since then she has been the face of many campaigns to prevent this happening to others and much research has been conducted due to her efforts so it’s now less common. Was she looking after her baby with any less care than mothers do these days – was she lying when she said she was a loving mother?  Kay would say so. No – she was doing the absolute best she knew how to at that time. My second challenge to Kay is to go to Anne Diamond and tell her she wasn’t looking after her baby correctly and that’s why she lost him.

Kay Burley – you are awful!

2 thoughts on “The Chronicles Of Kay Burley: The Smiler, The Witch & The Unprofessional

  1. I remember when Anne Diamond lost her baby – I was in England around the time. Kay Burley is a bully live on TV. Accidents happen. We can’t avoid accidents from happening. It is part of life. What we need to stop doing is setting up witch hunts such as this poor interview.

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