Here’s A Tip: Sorry Not Sorry


How Do You Apologise?

Have you ever apologized just to keep the peace but not really meant it? Do you want to make it obvious that you’re “sorry not sorry”?…

Here’s a tip…use the sarcastic sorry!

I find myself both saying sorry this way and also replaying this video all the time at home (in a jokingly way of course).

I’m starting to wish there was one button on my phone that I could press that would activate it!

Do you have any hints and tips you would like to share?

Steve McSteveface on Twitter

3 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip: Sorry Not Sorry

  1. And you would do it so well. I also wish that there could be a dislike button too. Not that you dislike the person or the post, but sometimes the subject – such as what is happening to our wildlife etc. Just a thought.

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