Netflix Jukebox: Premiere – Grace and Frankie…

I’ve not hit the big random play button on the Netflix jukebox this week because I feel the need to follow up on last week’s Grace and Frankie

The full season of the show was released onto Netflix a few days ago and I was first in line to watch the first episode.


The first episode does a fantastic job of quickly introducing the characters and then boom – all their worlds are turned upside down with the announcement that the two men will be getting married to each other leaving their wives to pretty much start their lives over again.

Jane Fonda plays Grace who once was a high flyer, likes to be perfect and can’t accept getting old.

Lily Tomlin plays Frankie who has sailed through life in a hippy, dippy bubble.

Here’s a short interview of them discussing the show…


I’ve already watched the second episode and can’t wait to watch the entire season!


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3 thoughts on “Netflix Jukebox: Premiere – Grace and Frankie…

      1. My son gets Netflix but he is disappointed with the selection. I think we will be getting it on Sky. I loved the original movie of 9 to 5 and Lily Tomlin is brilliant, not so keen on Jane Fonda but the two of them together are magic

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