Here’s A Tip: Highlighting Text In Microsoft Word – Break From The Norm And Be ALTernative…

When you use Microsoft Word there are lots of ways to highlight/select text using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts but these will only highlight/select the text in a horizontal. What if you want vertical? Here’s a tip…

Usually, it is the case that we do want to highlight/select a full sentence or paragraph but I always like to be a bit different. What if I wanted to highlight/select only half a paragraph or block of text i.e. everything from the left hand margin to the centre only?

Why would I want to you might ask, well, there’s always someone, somewhere who likes to do something alternative to the norm.

So, how would I do that? Simple – I want to do something alternative so let me introduce you to the ALT key, give him a press while clicking and dragging your mouse up/down to highlight/select the text.

Viola – I have selected the first half of a bunch of paragraphs…




I could now paste this crazy selection anywhere I want and carry on living on the edge just because I can!


Do you have any hints and tips you would like to share?

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8 thoughts on “Here’s A Tip: Highlighting Text In Microsoft Word – Break From The Norm And Be ALTernative…

      1. Haha – i was joking but I actually do have a laptop that I don’t use anymore and I set it up for just blogging when I’m not at my desk but I usually use my ipad for that so I’ve pretty much not been using it recently

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