Peter Kay’s “Car Share” Is A Must Watch

You’ve only got until midnight to watch all the episodes on iPlayer. I watched them all within a matter of hours and it was the best thing I have watched for a long, long time!

Steve McSteveface

Car Share Image

Peter Kayhas a new sitcom on the BBC called “Car Share” and it’s absolutely something everyone has to watch…

When I first heard the announcement that he was creating this a year or so ago I remember thinking what a great idea it was and when I watched the first few minutes of the first episode I was far from disappointed…

Peter’s observational type humour is pure genius and lends itself brilliantly to this new sitcom. Travelling to work by car is something everyone can relate to and that’s why it works so well.

I also love all the inserts of radio adverts and the songs in the background. I know for sure that Peter will have spent ages choosing the perfect song to accompany each scene and they are all brilliant!

It’s not been shown on BBC One yet but for some reason BBC iPlayer has…

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