Netflix Jukebox: Preservation…


It was the turn of a random movie to be selected from my Netflix Jukebox and it was a horror movie called Preservation that popped up…


For some strange and perhaps worrying reason I like films where people go off into the wilderness and get hunted down by other people trying to kill them. I’m quite sure that alone would make me a great subject for a psychiatrist! Wait until they found out that I really enjoy watching horror movies when I am hung over as I love to see other people feel worse than I do. Anyway…

This film follows a young couple and their brother who go off for some quiet time in the back of beyond only to discover somebody is out to get them. What follows is the usual hunt, kill, hunt kill scenario and one might say it was quite predictable although there is a “funny” twist near the end.

If you like this type of movie then I would say to watch this but it’s not a must watch. If you don’t like this type of movie then don’t watch it…or go into the woods!


A weekly review of a randomly selected TV show or movie from Netflix


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