Fly, Orville, Fly – RIP Keith Harris…

It was a sad day today for the UK entertainment industry when Keith Harris passed away. When I found out I thought my initial reaction was in poor taste but upon reflection I think it is a great tribute to the man…

My first words were – “who is going to look after Orville?”

Keith Harris was a famous ventriloquist in the UK and his puppet was called Orville – a green duck in a nappy whose biggest wish in life was to be able to fly…

When I said that statement it just goes to show how brilliant a job Keith done in making his “act” such an integral part of my childhood and, I’m sure, many others. Of course, it is very sad that Keith has died and the industry has lost a true professional!

Keith also had another puppet but we won’t mention home because…we hate that monkey, so let’s watch more Orville…


Enjoying great mainstream success in the 70s and 80s, Keith and Orville then went on to do a more risqué act which seemed to move with the times. Thanks for the memories Keith!

Orville will be okay, I’m sure. He will be well looked after in puppet heaven, he will be in good company – reunited with the likes of Emu and Morph. Well, Orville, you’ve finally managed to fly – all the way up to the big duck pond in the sky!

It’s a sad fact of life that when you get older, the celebrities that were always on TV when you were growing up and were a big part of your childhood pass away – or are sent to jail for being a big, dirty pervert (Rolfaroo will certainly not be in puppet heaven!) but that’s a different story and let’s focus on the nice stuff for now. It’s also reminded me about a previous post of mine which discusses how good it would be if I gave these celebrities a “living tribute” before they popped their clogs so I did one for Bruce Forsyth


Nice To See You! Yes, Yes It Was
What are your memories of Keith Harris and Orville? Who did you like watching while growing up? What other celebrities will you miss? Let me know.

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