Netflix Jukebox: Pramface…


 What I hate about British shows compared to American shows is the amount of episodes. You find a good American show and you have at least 22 episodes per season but the British ones only tend to have 6 or 7. By the time you are just getting into it, it’s finished for a year.

I was a little sceptical when Pramface popped up on Netflix as it was new, had a young cast and there have been so many poor British shows over recent years. However, I was wrong to be sceptical.

The young cast play the roles brilliantly and the plot line is new and original. Basically, a young guy goes out to a party for the first time and gets drunk and meets another drunk girl and gets her pregnant.

We are introduced to the friends and parents of both sides of the “baby makers” and I can see great potential for humorous storylines. There are a few well known UK actors in the show too which makes it already seem quite familiar.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops and I would highly recommend the first episode at least!

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