Capturing The Moment Capturing The Moment…


Someone else’s moment is now also my moment. 

It does make me wonder how many strangers have photos with me in them somewhere. 

This post is part of Phoneography with the theme “Black & White”.


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13 thoughts on “Capturing The Moment Capturing The Moment…

  1. Not exactly the same, but just yesterday, I took several photos for a group of Japanese tourists in New Glarus, WI. I don’t take many photos of people as it always feels a bit intrusive to me. But I’d like to take more. I like your angle on this one, literally and figuratively.


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  2. Good question. One that popped into my head the other day was when I had to walk past a TV camera man interviewing someone. Did I become one of those incidental people in the background on a segment on the nightly news?

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