A Monday Moan: I Asked For The News, Not The Weather


What makes you moan?

Here are a few of my moans…

Moan One

The subject line of an email – when is it appropriate to write the entire message in the subject line? Absolutely f***ing never. Erm, hello mr Instant Messenger?

Do I want to read an email if there a words spelled wrong in the subject field? Hell no!

Blank subject line = I’m a lazy b*****d and have nothing interesting to say!

The word URGENT in the subject. Erm, there’s a button for that (but use it wisely, it p***** me right off)

Death by email…

Moan Two

Apparently the weather today is quite bad. I realised this because I have windows in my house and I also occasionally go to that place, oh what’s it called again? Out-f***ing-side! However, thanks to everyone for making sure I knew by clogging up my Facebook and drowning my “elevator ears”. Seriously, I know it’s windy outside and that’s why I’m using the elevator mirror to flatten down my Albert Einstein hair, you don’t need to tell me – oot!

Stop talking about the weather you dicks!

Share your shouty moments with me. Let me know about them in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014


4 thoughts on “A Monday Moan: I Asked For The News, Not The Weather

  1. Lol. What annoys me is that should you decide to send an email with no subject the programme tells you that you need one. I can never think of an appropriate subject. I always write the weather from my home town on at least one post a day simply because we are the first place to see the sun in the world. Plus at the beginning I didn’t know what to write so if you can’ t think of anything there is always the weather. Must go and warm myself up – it is freezing today even though the sun is shining.

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