The Loch, The Castle & The Monster…

What is Loch Ness?

There perhaps isn’t a greater example of the force and wonder of nature than what can be witnessed at Loch Ness, Scotland.

We have witnessed some stunning views and luckily the weather has been the nicest of the year so far.

Whilst taking a boat trip across the loch the breath taking views were everywhere…

Although you know that the monster, Nessie, probably isn’t real it doesn’t stop you looking for it!

Loch Ness is 230m deep and so big that it if you took all the water from all the lakes in the rest of the UK it still wouldn’t fill it. Also, you can fit every human in the world into the the Loch! How awesome is that?

Urquhart Castle stands on the edge of the Loch and also has a very long and sometimes dark history…

If you ever visit Scotland then Loch Ness is one of the places that is a must to visit. I live in Scotland and it’s only taken me 37 years to visit it. We simply don’t appreciate what we have on our doorstep in this wonderful land! 

Also, if you’re really lucky you might even see the Scottish Flag appear in the sky above you…

What about you? Have you ever been to Loch Ness? Do you believe in Nessie? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

42 thoughts on “The Loch, The Castle & The Monster…

  1. Lovely photos. I lived in Dalkeith for 5 months back in 1994 for a semester of college. These photos bring me back to my time in your wonderful country.

    I searched for a day and didn’t see Nessie either 😉

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  2. Good Monday to you, Steve, and thanks for the trip to look for Nessie…and view the beautiful scenery. I haven’t been to Scotland, at least that part, since the 70’s and it would be wonderful to go again.


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  3. How beautiful! I love how you describe being able to see the flag in the sky on a clear day 🙂

    I really want to go there. Of course, then I may never leave, and that wouldn’t be exactly legal LOL

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  4. Years ago, our friends and my family ,both had motor caravans which we drove from Kent to park on a farm near Loch Ness. In the evening , we walked across the fields to stand by the loch near Urquhart Castle as we had been told that Nessie lived beneath it. Suddenly, we saw a V shaped line in the water approaching from the left . I lifted my camera and waited – but it disappeared. I was told that it was probably an otter or fish swimming close to the surface. Oh well, I can dream. Our friends have long since moved to Inverness and when we visit them, they drive us to see the statue of Nessie. Thanks for the memory.

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  5. Wonderful set of images that depict the lore of the myth. It must have been a great deal of fun. The sweeping landscape is inspirational, and your commentary gives it more meaning. Welcome back to the fun. Happy Photo Challenge.

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