Netflix Jukebox: Portlandia…


At first I didn’t realize that it was a sketch show. I watched the opening scene and it was all about a place in Portland where everyone was stuck in the 1990s. This could be great, I thought I loved the 90s. They were singing a cool song and wearing 90s clothes, fab. Then that scene ended and the two main characters were in a totally different situation and I was confused at first then the penny dropped – yes it was indeed a sketch show.

Some of the sketches were funny. Some of them I didn’t get but like most sketch shows the characters need time to develop and then it can become funny for no reason. So long as you know someone else that watches the same show you can laugh together about it.

Apparently it does get better and I should stick with it but I’m not so sure and this may have to be the first show that I sack off 😦

Have you watched it? Do you think it is worth me watching few more? The episodes are only 23 minutes long, that’s one visit to the toilet so I wouldn’t be using up time I could be spending doing other stuff (did I share too much?)

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3 thoughts on “Netflix Jukebox: Portlandia…

  1. I haven’t watched it…so I didn’t realize it was a sketch show either. Now I am not sure I will, but who knows. Boredom can lead to anything when it comes to Netflix.

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