Netflix Jukebox: The Fades…



The show I watched was The Fades – a British made horror/thriller.

It’s good to balance all the American shows out with some good old-fashioned British productions

The plot appears to be some kind of apocalyptic crossover. A young boy has visions and there is one big scary ass monster on the loose. It starts in some abandoned shopping centre where the monster is attacking people and there are zombies or dead people or something, which did kind of remind me of theMastrick Shopping Centre (if you’re not from Aberdeen you won’t get that but it made me chuckle).

I’m not sure if it was because I was watching alone, very late but it was quite scary at parts.

There was also a humorous element and it starred a good Scottish actor, Daniella Nardini, from the amazing show, This Life so that made it even better.

It looks like it is only one season so I will definitely watch this through to the end.

Have you watched it? Do you love it?

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