A Little Bit Older But Not So Worldly Wise…

Today was my 37th birthday and to quote some lyrics from one of my favourite bands Deacon Blue I’m “A Little Bit Older But Not So Worldly Wise“…

However, on some days my hair is actually almost as big as Ricky Ross’ in the video for that song. Anyway, here’s how my day went…

I got up around 8am and had my usual coffee but this time there was a present from Greg to accompany it. What was it? Tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest? Nope – but the next best thing…



No, it wasn’t the nice man – it was a brand new pair of the things he has around his neck! A set of Bang & Olufsen H8 headphones which I have wanted to get for a long time so thank you Greg!

I am just about to try them out for the first time and for some reason when I get any new audio or video devices the first thing I use to test them is this clip and I’m not sure why…


After this I got my vlogging done before it was time to set off for the day.

I wanted to go to the beach as it is kind of a tradition with me that I go to the beach on my birthday and I took a few nice photos


FullSizeRender (1)
I’m sure there are mermaids here somewhere…


Not only is there a beach down by the beach there is also an amusement park called Codonas. I think Codona’s means “lose all your money” in Italian as that’s exactly what we did – but it was fun!


Following putting all my money in an electronic robbing machine it was time to go and get some food so we went to a place we’ve not been to for a while. There’s always great service and great food at The Globe

I had a Steak Pie with all the trimmings since it was Sunday and I’m a greedy b*****d.

It was a great day all in all and then I came home to be greeted by my favourite things in the world – no, not Bingo & Disco, my iPad and my blog!

As you can tell from all the above – I’m another year older but I’m still not any wiser and still not any more grown up!

Thanks for all the kind wishes and here’s to another year!


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