Netflix Jukebox: Drawn Together…


This cartoon (adult cartoon, please give me some credit) that I watched was Drawn Together.

Before the introduction had even finished I knew it was going to be great and I was 100% correct.

Imagine a version of Big Brother with cartoon characters. Not new cartoon characters but a set of familiar, parodied versions of successful ones. For example, there is a character called Toot who is an older version of Betty Boop and within the first few minutes she is rubbing herself along the floor like a dog in heat as she is introduced to Xandir – a Legend of Zelda hottie. If your sense of humour is similar to mine and you think that’s funny – that was only the first few minutes. I won’t even tell you how funny it was then to see an aged version of Betty Boop tap dancing whilst sweat poured off her stretch marks. Oh wait, I just did – anyway, watch it, watch it now!

There are many, many more funny moments, I was pretty much laughing constantly. It is absolutely the best thing I have watched during this mission so far. I might even break the rules (was it a rule?) and watch more episodes right now. There was even a movie made in 2010!

Have you watched it? Do you love it?

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