Here’s A Tip: Excel Has A Built In Camera…

Do you have to work on large spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and need to see different areas of the same sheet at the same time? Here’s a tip…Simple solution, get your Excel camera out and take a photo…

Camera? Excel? Have I gone mad?

Possibly – but let’s not go off on a tangent here. Of course, for large spreadsheets you can use custom views, freeze panes and split but there is actually an Excel camera built-in and it’s just too geeky not to share.

First of all you need to add the camera command to the Quick Access Toolbar

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Camera tool is your way of creating visual reference in an excel sheet. It is one of the useful and hidden features of excel. Here is how it works. You specify a rectangular area in your workbook and camera tool creates a mirror image of that area as a drawing object. You can move it or resize it. And whenever the contents of original rectangular area changes (charts, drawings or cell values) the mirror image changes too.

  1. Select Cells
  2. Click on camera tool
  3. Now click and draw any where in the worksheet and excel places a snapshot of the range you have selected
  4. Resize it
  5. Bingo!
  6. Excel adds a border to the camera tool output. You can remove it by using drawing tool bar

So simple but I love it. Give it a try.

Do you have any hints and tips you would like to share?

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