The Hotel On Channel 4: Episode Two…

The only thing that stopped me from crying like a big baby the night before going back to work after having 3 weeks holiday was knowing there was a new episode of The Hotel! Sadly, it only lasted an hour and there were still big man tears before bedtime but I enjoyed that hour…

Mark was still not getting the backing of the owners or staff at The Cavendish but did that stop him? No, of course not!

Stop! Scone time…


He got out of bed, had a “shower thought” and was straight on the phone to the press to tell them that the hotel was about to make the world’s biggest scone. Had he asked anyone? Had he checked what size the scone it would have needed to be? No! Did it work? In the end, yes!

I just love Mark’s attitude and I’m pretty sure he could make anything happen. Granted, the scone turned out to look more like a big biscuit but lots of people turned and even paid £2 for a “small slice of history” as Mark put it. You’ve got to love that positive spin!

The chef, Gerry, didn’t put up too much resistance as he thought it was easier just to go along with Mark – sensible man.

The lady owner still spent the entire episode with a face like a broken deck chair and sadly here was no Alison this week.

I’ve just pulled this out my ass and I’m still not happy!


There were a couple of featured guests but nothing as pleasing on the eye as last week’s ones. A father of two very different twins and a young family from Wales. The man from Wales ended up re-porpoising to his wife and one of the young twins, who was only 13, was pretty much trying to cheat on his girlfriend with another young hotel guest.

However, the star of this episode most definitely had to be the scone…


Incidently – what is the fastest cake in the world? Scone! Get it?

As for all the backlash – at the end of the day this is a programme designed to boost TV ratings so just accept it for what it is! As always Trip Advisor can be guaranteed to tell it like it is so if you want to know what it’s really like then take a look at the reviews for The Cavendish on Trip Advisor and make up your own mind.

Watch episode two and get excited for episode three!

OMG – Pft me…

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