Get Naked!

Man In Shower

Blogging Hints & Tits Tips

The Daily Post runs the Blogging 101 class for new bloggers.

This helped me immensely when I started blogging.  So, I’d like to offer out a tip of mine – but be ready, it’s a little random…

Get in the shower!

It’s perhaps not covered by any other blogging guide but for me it’s that simple. This is the place where I have all my ideas for blog posts. Whether others think they are good ideas or not is out with my control but that won’t stop me writing about them!

Sometimes I’ll have a seed of an idea before I get into the shower and it somehow blossoms in my mind while I am inside. For me, all my thoughts literally “shower gel” together while I am under the hot stream of water.

It’s got to the point where I may have to buy bath crayons as my memory isn’t what it was and I have been known to forget my shower thoughts*.

I hope this doesn’t put you off reading my posts and no that is not me in the photo…

What about you? Where do you get your best ideas? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

*Not to be confused with the Reddit suubreddit ‘Shower Thoughts’ which is equally as awesome as my ones.

Blogging Hints & Tips: Get Naked


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