Steve Asks…Scottie McClue

Back in the year 1995 long before the internet and before social media there were “shock jocks” on the radio hosting phone in chat shows. In Scotland probably the biggest and most shocking was Scottie McClue. I reccently managed to put a few questions to this legend…

I can very clearly remember going to bed for 10pm and tuning into the Scottie McClue phone in on ScotFM to listen to whatever outrageous shennanigans were going to have me laughing out loud until 1am. The next day at school it was always the subject of conversation.

The show received sufficient calls to cause BT to limit the number of calls on the number…

Take a look at Scottie’s press cuttings and you will see that he just loves to get the media all fired up.

Since “leaving” ScotFM he has done various other shows since and even now is still broadcasting a nightly show on his website. So, before you start tuning in – let’s find out what the man behind the bunnet had to say…

Scottie – it’s been almost 20 years since I listened to you on ScotFM – in 20 words or less tell me what you have been doing in the past 20 years?

Entertaining the UK, I’ve been on 36 radio stations all over the country

Impressive but mind you, so have adverts for car insurance! You caused a lot of controversy during your time at scotFM – what is your fondest memory and what or who still gets your back up?

Fondest memory was watching the audience figures go ballistic. The funniest was a guy who came on spitting that he’d been waiting 2 hours – I said I wouldn’t keep him a second longer and cut him off.

Let’s remind ourselves of what a typical Scottie show would sound like…

Haw you – click ma soor puss to listen to me talk mince…

You were replaced on ScotFM by Wee Fat Bob. I can’t seem to find out what he’s up to now. Would you know “what’s become of Wee Fat Bob?”

Haven’t a clue. I’d heard he’d moved to the other side of the world – don’t know why his show wasn’t that bad.
I might have to work harder to find him then!

These days anyone with a computer thinks that they can be a part time DJ, journalist, record producer etc from their bedroom (present company excepted – I do it from my little office lol) – does this make it harder for people like you who have made this your living and what advice would you give these “young upstarts”?

They will sink or swim and get applause or derision by how good their own content is – mine was measured in audience figures and big numbers.

A stats junkie then! Technology has come a long way since you were twiddling your knob back in the ScotFM studio and you seem to have embraced all forms of social media (although your website needs a makeover). We all know you like to shock but in light of the recent George Square tragedy and the subsequent tragedy by the trolls – what’s your opinion on the trolls?

They disgust me.

With all the recent leaked nude photo scandals – should we be worried that there will be a leaked SnapChat photo of you without your bunnet on?

There was one in the national papers of McClue bunnetless.

Give me a few minutes while I “do not Google that” and let me think happy thoughts instead…


What was the number one song in the UK charts when you were born?

Bill Haley & The Comets “Rock Around The Clock” and Pat Boone “I’ll Be Home” I remember hearing them on the radio as I emerged at birth.

Two birthdays with two songs? Are you the Queen?

Have you watched “The Interview” and what do you think of the scandal surrounding it?

Haven’t seen It but I take my bunnet off and congratulate Sony on excellent PR!

Very cynical. What will 2015 see you doing?

Broadcasting when I can find the time and convincing #NO voters of the clear economic benefits of an Independent Scotland and celebrating 8 Million visitors to the Scottie McClue Website at

Well perhaps with the recent state visit of Ebola to Scotland the rest of the UK might now actually agree with this crazy idea.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions? If not, why not?

No resolutions needed because I’ve stuck with the others!

Wow! You really should meet Mary Poppins – she is also practically perfect in every way!

Scottie McClue’s ideal woman…

Thanks for the chat Scottie – I look forward to listening to you more in 2015 and I hope everyone that reads this tell ten to tell ten to tell ten! Dinky Doo!

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