Can I Have No More Recurring Dreams Come True – Thank You…

Have you ever had that very common recurring dream when some or all of your teeth fall out..?

Imagine, if you will, that you woke up and it wasn’t just a dream. This is what happened to me recently!

I was left with one and a half front teeth. One of my front teeth was broken back when I was a kid, repaired broke again a few months later but since then has been fine. Until last night – 25 years later. Perhaps it expired? Do teeth have expiry dates?

There I was slowly waking from a dream and not quite “with it” thinking that my mouth felt funny.

“Is that a tooth on my tongue?” I thought. “Weird, maybe it’s my cap that’s came off” as I moved my tongue to feel the gap where the cap should be. “Yes, that’s definitely it – I’ll just glue it back on later once I’ve had more sleep…”

Yes, in my semi-awake state I forgot that I wasn’t actually a dentist.

The situation was then me looking like a thug and until my dentist opened o 5th January and I was off to go find some sort of denture-fix glue mix. Typing the word “denture” makes me feel about 80 so I am going to try to not say it out loud!

According to the “dream analysts” the meaning of the teeth falling out dream is…

“dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you.”

Great, so how exactly is making the teeth actually fall out your face going to make that situation any better? What would the dream people think of my situation? I might drop them an email…

Aside from the inconvenience of having 1.5 front teeth this has made me think about the possibility of other recurring dreams/nightmares that I have actually coming true…and that scares me – a lot!

My most common recurring nightmares involve:


Plane Crashes


Please let last night be a one-off or let the next one that comes true be a nice one – like when I can fly…

What about you? What are your most common recurring dreams or nightmares? I’d love to know!



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