Pot Noodles Are For Life, Not Just Students

The Slag Of All Snacks

The Pot Noodle – it got me through my student days and as far as I’m concerned it’s still an acceptable lunch option…

Can you get anything more simple?

Everything in the one pot.

Add hot water.

Stir. Wait. Stir.

Lunch is served!

When I was a student and was too busy…studying (ahem), I didn’t have time to cook a meal – a quick snack in a plastic pot solved that in 4 minutes flat.

These days, when I simply choose not to spend time preparing lunch during my lunchtime or pre-preparing the evening before – a Pot Noodle is still a viable option.

It’s like magic. Buy it as “dust in a pot” for no more than £1.50 and add boiling water and it becomes soupy, noodley goodness!

For the record, Pot Noodles do come in a variety of flavours but, in my opinion, if it’s not “Chicken & Mushroom” then it’s just not a Pot Noodle.


Not only do you get the dust in this pot of wonder, you also get a free gift. Am I selling this to you or what? In the case of the “Chicken & Mushroom” flavour, the free gift is a little sachet of soy sauce.


I shouldn’t really complain about this free gift but I usually find there is not enough soy sauce in it for me. I always make sure I have an extra bottle on standby and pour it in like it’s going out of fashion.

When consuming this tasty delight, it’s not always easy to be elegant but that’s the same with any noodles. I typically end up with bits and splashes all over my chin and shirt so, Pot Noodle makers if you are reading this – can you please manufacture some type of Pot Noodle Bib? Thanks in advance!


When I was young and skinny – a standard Pot Noodle would satisfy me. Now that I am old and greedy – I am so grateful for the invention of the King Pot!

There are guidelines on the pot for the level to fill to with hot water. I, however am a “Pot Noodle rebel” and go past the recommended line. Why? Well, aside from this being my only way of “living on the edge” these days, once I’ve eaten all the noodles I like to drink the chickeny, mushroomy flavoured water. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!


I am also about to start a campaign to bring Pot Noodle vending machines to Scotland…

If you’ve never had one – you’ve never lived. If you haven’t watched the latest television commercial for Pot Noodles then check this out…

Long live the Pot Noodle!

9 thoughts on “Pot Noodles Are For Life, Not Just Students

  1. I can’t find it, but I had a infographic of all the ways you can “dressup” ramen or similar noodles. Perfect for those of us who like them and may be poor 🙂

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