Trip Advisor – A Five Star Comedy…

Some people will check every Trip Advisor review before even thinking of booking a hotel. I think if I did that then I’d never leave the house…

I generally take a quick look at Trip Advisor reviews and if there’s anything really terrible then I will look further. Otherwise I’ll find out for myself once I get to the location.

However, last year when we went to Alton Towers I didn’t even check the reviews before booking the hotel.

In hindsight do I wish that I had?

No, because staying at this hotel provided us with many “unbelievable laughs” both during the stay and also many, many more since because I still check the reviews every now and then when I need a chuckle.

I was so shocked at the quality of this “Quality Hotel” that I contributed a review to Trip Advisor…

“Stayed here for 3 nights for a base for Alton Towers. Wasn’t expecting it to be fantastic which was quite lucky. When we eventually found the reception and were checking in there was a wedding reception going on ( possibly one from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding ) and it was a struggle to hear the receptionist. There was confusion about entering the car registration and when we asked if we had done it right or would we be charged, she just shrugged and said “see what happens”. Despite kids playing in the lifts and we eventually got to our room. Having now seen other reviews about threadbare carpets, our room was the opposite – you needed to push your shoulder against the door to open it as the pile was so much higher than the door could cope with. The room itself was ok and the bathroom was reasonable. There was no table lamp in the room but maybe we should count ourselves lucky we had a window…..

The bed was uncomfortable and pillows quite poor but otherwise the sleep was ok.

The shower wouldn’t work in the morning so I called reception and got immediate help. Apparently, the hot water wouldn’t flow until you put the cold on first. We did get given another card for another room if we still weren’t satisfied with the shower. We didn’t try the other room which I’m kind of glad about now as there was probably some other guests sleeping it.

On the last day the door card stopped working so I went to tell reception. The guy just asked the room number and reprogrammed the card….surely a big security issue there?

When checking out, the girl shouted over from the back desk rather than coming over to the front desk and asked if we had breakfast and when I said no she just said that’s it then. Wish I’d had breakfast now as it seems you don’t need to pay for it if you say no.

This hotel served its purpose for our visit and I will regularly check this site for the latest reviews as it makes me laugh. But to anyone thinking about booking – it is as bad as the reviews!

If you do stay – go to the Ria Thai restaurant around the corner as its amazing!”

If you don’t beleive me then take a look at all the other reviews it makes for some fun reading and the manager’s responses to some of the reviews are quite often just as shocking as the hotel itself!

13 thoughts on “Trip Advisor – A Five Star Comedy…

  1. There wasn’t a Basil involved was there?
    I went to post a negative review on a restaurant one time. When I read through he others (mostly bad) and saw the deeply unpleasant/offensive replies left by the manager I decided that people could probably tell already what they needed to know.
    Service industry in this country does sometimes let itself down badly though.

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  2. it has been major news here in New Zealand about a couple that was charged NZ$200 for putting a bad review on this website. Oops. Now the whole world know that they are a lousy hotel and punish you for placing a negative review. Not really a good idea to encourage patronage. 😀

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