Bring Them All Back…And More!

The brilliant S Club 7 have decided to reform because they are all skint for Children In Need. I have to admit I am looking forward to this but who else would I like to see make a comeback..?

When S Club 7 were at their peak of their musical career I was at the peak of my younger days. Whenever “Don’t Stop Movin” was played in a nightclub you would quite often see me on the dance floor pretending to be Jon. Watch this and all the memories will come flooding back…

My first choice for a reform would have been another “cheesy” favourite of mine but they have already made a comeback while at the same time combined with another band. Yeah – Busted rock, and now they rock together with McFly to be McBusted

A lot of groups from that era have already attempted a comeback one way or another but who has not? Bearing in mind the “rules” now show that bands and singers can be joined together!

Who would I still like to see?

Okay, I’m staying within the same era and I’m also choosing artists from the same country – Australia. I choose Natalie Imbruglia to join Savage Garden

Wouldn’t that be epic? Imagine what could be produced?

Come on Natalie, come on Savage Garden – just like S Club 7, I’ve “never had a dream come true” so please make my dreams come true!

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