Snap & Zap: The Seagulls…

For each Snap & Zap I will suggest a new theme so take a new photo or use an existing photo and edit it with any software you like, so…

  1. Create a new post showing the original
  2. What edits have you made?
  3. What software/techniques have you used?
  4. Link back to the current week’s page

The theme for this “Snap & Zap…” is Birds.

It’s amazing what photo results you can get when you ask someone to stand still and throw in some bread……

This is the original photo…

The Seagulls - Original
The Seagulls – Original

I then decided to take this photo down a retro film theme so I added the Agatha filter…

The Seagulls - Agatha
The Seagulls – Agatha

Next I added a retro poster overlay…

The Seagulls - Retro Poster
The Seagulls – Retro Poster

And finally I added a title…

The Seagulls - Title
The Seagulls – Title

All edits were carried out using

Snap & Zap…

This photo is part of my Snap & Zap challenge with the theme Birds.

To see previous posts take a look at the archives or click on “Photo Editing” in the category cloud on this page.

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