Stoptober: Graphic Anti Smoking Adverts Don’t Work, Cartoons & Girl Groups Do…

It’s almost October and this year for me that means Stoptober as I am going to try and give up smoking…

I actually stopped yesterday, well, stopped smoking real cigarettes anyway and I am on to the e-cigarettes so I’m not sure if that counts but it’s a start.

I have smoked since I was 16 and I previously stopped a few years ago for 2.5 years but last year I (much to my annoyance at letting all my hard work go to waste) got hooked again.

Not to worry I am now taking the necessary steps to get off them again.

I know there have been many, many campaigns to promote the benefits of stopping but whenever I try to think of all the tv adverts there have been over the years only two have always stayed in my mind.

Funnily enough they are both from the Health Education Board Scotland are both not guilty of using horrible, gross images of black lungs to try and scare people into stopping.

Honestly, I know what it does to my insides but I really don’t want to see it on tv. Most people are clever enough to know it’s really bad but still do it anyway so showing gross stuff doesn’t work, okay?

The first uses cartoons and blue sticks…

The second uses a girl band that could actually win the X Factor…

I’m pretty sure this song did actually get into the UK top 40 music charts!

Take heed health promotions people – this is what works so more of the above please and much, much less of the below. These type of adverts put me off my dinner, make me switch channels, are quickly wiped from my clever brain and DON’T HELP ANYONE…

Have you ever smoked?

Have you ever tried to stop or have you stopped?

Wish me luck on my journey…

5 thoughts on “Stoptober: Graphic Anti Smoking Adverts Don’t Work, Cartoons & Girl Groups Do…

    1. Well done and nice to know the adverts do work. I did stop for 2.5 years when I worked at a hospital and saw people with no legs outside the doors still smoking. Sadly I started again but I am determined to quit again!


  1. Never have smoked, but all of my inlaws have and still do. I have nothing but sympathy for those who have to try to quit; I know if I had ever started I would never be able to stop with my addictive personality.

    I have a lot of friends who love their e-cigs. Just please do me a favor (though I don’t live there) and don’t use it where you wouldn’t normally smoke such as the grocery story. That’s just weird.

    Maybe it’s not the healthiest thing long run with the e-cigs (no clue, just saying that in case), but it is definitely better than the regular cigarettes. Small steps.



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